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The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley started the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, CDPAP, in July 1994 with the mission of giving individuals control over their home care. CDPAP enables self-directing individuals or their appointed representative to recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise and if necessary, dismiss their personal assistants. A personal assistant is an individual who is paid to assist an individual with a disability to accomplish daily living tasks.  The activities may include, but are not limited to ;assisting in dressing, grooming, hygiene, mobility, transfers, toileting and health maintenance, as well as light housekeeping and miscellaneous tasks like writing, reading and running errands.


Consumers of the program are granted the opportunity to develop a working relationship with their personal assistants without intrusion and work with individuals who have similar interests and personalities. The work schedule is negotiated directly between the consumer and the personal assistant.  This provides greater flexibility which makes the service more convenient and more functional for both the consumer and the personal assistant.  The personal assistant is directly accountable to the consumer rather than the Independent Living Center. Consumers are encouraged to select personal assistants who understand the spirit of the program as well as accept the notion of self-direction.  When individuals are considering using the program they are encouraged to take time to think about their ability to manage/direct your daily personal care.   Managing ones own personal assistance services can be exciting and rewarding. It is also a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly.


The role of the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, INC. (ILCHV) is to be the Fiscal Intermediary for payroll, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance for all personal assistant(s) enrolled in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services Program. As Fiscal Intermediary it is the responsibility of  ILCHV to make sure all NYS Department of Health, NYS Department of Labor, and the NYS Department of Social Services regulations are followed and adhered to.


In addition, ILCHV provides information and on going advisement to consumers on managing their personal assistance services. ILCHV assists consumers in enrolling their personal assistants on the program and has regular contact with each consumer.


Consumers are encouraged to contact the Personal Assistance Services Program staff at any time to either discuss a concern or to request assistance.  Similar to other programs administered by ILCHV, each consumer is given open and equal access to Center staff and services.  Given that a major thrust of the program is the concept of consumer control and self-direction, each consumer is encouraged to manage his/her life to the best of his/her ability.